Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Sandra Odige puts green October event on the world map. See pictures of the the event.

 Green October Event organized by La Mode Magazine was a wowing experience as guests were all looking fab for the classy event. The event was held on Nigeria’s Independence day October 1st at the prestigious Oriental Hole Victoria Island, Lagos.
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Mrs Sandra Odige CEO/Publisher of La Mode Magazine made it known that ‘’Green October Event is an initiative of La Mode Magazine to appreciate and show love to people living with disabilities and fund raising. Humanitarian, recogni8tion and fashion awards are awarded to deserving individuals and brands at the event.
The Green October Event was hosted by the talented Layole Oyatogun and Zoe Chinaka.
Great performances from Ozzybosco ,Ejen ,Tomi Odunsi . Swazzi and SoulPrinz
Lots of guests and dignitaries were present notable guests present are;
·         The Italian Consul General Mr Andrea Pompermaier
·         Rev. Laurie Idahosa
·         Dr. Jessica Okanlawon, Psychologist founder/CEO Alex Okanlawon Foundation (From the United States)
·         Chika Ike
·         Unoaku Anyadike, MBGN World 2015
·         Emmanuel Ikubese
·         Belinda Effah
·         Nkiru Umeh
·         TomiOdunsi
And lots more…
Children living with Autism entertained guests impressively with their chorography performance.
Seventeen Fashion designers showcased their fabulous designs to guests present,they include;
1.      PenonPaul Bespoke
2.      Lola Baej
3.      Mobiz World
4.      GMYT Couture
5.      Renew By Rukky
6.      E22
7.      Seraphine By Kosi
8.      VickyHeldan
9.      Agatha Moreno
10.  Omoge Collections
11.  Bella House Of Fab
12.  TUBO
13.  Boriah
14.  MERCY’S
15.  Runo Stitches
16.  Onome Dupri Clothing

The winners are;
1.      Humanitarian Organization of the year
Sahara Foundation

2.      Most Outstanding NGO/Foundation of the year
The Tonto Dike Foundation
3.      Humanitarian Celebrity of the year
Chika Ike
4.      Humanitarian of the year

1.      Most stylish male celebrity of the year
Bryan Okwara

2.      Most stylish female celebrity of the year
Mercy Aigbe Gentry
3.      Most Creative Emerging Fashion Designer of the year
Agatha Moreno
4.      Fashion designer of the year
Toju Foyeh
5.      Makeup Artist of the year
6.      Fashion Photographer of the year
Reze Bonna
7.      Fashion blogger of the year
Laura Ikeji
8.      Fashion Model of the year
Sarah Jatto

9.      Fashion Stylist of the year
Swanky Jerry


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