Thursday, 14 April 2016

Stylish Kim K steps out in all black errthing and OMG she looks gorgeous

 Great look kim. More pix after the cut.


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    2. Where are you laura? New Posts Please

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  2. Kim love black for mama

  3. Gorgeous. Hey pals pls visit my

  4. Hot mama Kim,the Queen of black outfit, she rocks!

    ~glo rule your world~ cos I do•

    1. She is truly the Queen of black outfit! I love it!

      Anne is that u? If yes, welcome Anne

    2. Yes its me thanks dear for visiting my blog

  5. KIm and her fake big yansh..lmao

  6. Lol
    Her sunshade remains me of a welder i know when i was younger

  7. Laura they have finish you and linda on naijagistlive

  8. BEAUTIFUL9JADELTABABE.. for m d outfit is a no no hmm anyway me am Justsayingmaownohh via ma LATEST TECNO F7.

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  10. Since this blog don cast let me drop hot gist for you guys joor

    I wrote a comment on Linda’s blog ..guess she ate it …no hating on Linda but her self righteous behavior is soo unbecoming of a classy lady …have not fucked anyone ….seriously tell that to my mama …wizkid did a colabo last week u did not report. . this week u brought up ur own news ..u want to ruin his career …seriously Linda swear u ve never collected money to kill stories ..we all know how much u got thru Jonathan yes I said it .. Not beefing am all for grass to grace story just like urs but seriously I’ve overused it …all the designer bag ..the house …shoes . ure still plain ….classless …u bribe people with giveaway on ur blog cos u know ure losing ur steam …before u defend Linda please remember the homes and relationship she destroyed over the years …byee felicia

  11. @linda IKEJI is so fake! I LOVE YOU! thank you for this comment! Linda IKEJI feels everyone has sin except her and her family. Everytime some says anything about her she is so quick to defend it. You are a blogger! Hahahaha hahahaha her brother una sure say e no gay?

    1. Linda
      You are about the most manipulative,sneaky snake I have ever come across!

      I am sure even YOU know that your “value” has diminished!

      You come here writing your usual watery epistles trying to gain sympathy from your usual sheep!

      Have you forgotten that you contributed so much damage to people’s lives,relationships,businesses etc with your vile blog?

      I know personally of a girl who was beaten to within an inch of her life due to a rumor that your blog started,and enabled!
      She also lost her relationship in the process!
      Tell me please,whats the difference between what you enabled via your blog and what Wizkid has threatened you with.

      How do you think Karma works?

      Do you know how many relationships you destroyed?
      And you think you will settle down or have peace if you do?

      You are a destroyer who perfected the art of masking her evil behind sob stories etc.

      You successfully studied your mass market,who happen to be people like you,the real you,the mushin girl.
      The ones who would go to war for you over the measly 100k you share monthly to buy their fake loyalty.
      Trust me,when a new blog offers 105k to these same ones,you are toast!
      But for now,keep fooling yourselves.

      We all know the reason why you don’t have a social life beyond hanging with your siblings and very few long standing friends.
      NOBODY wants to be seen with you
      NOBODY trusts you

      That is the horrible price you will pay forever for being you.

      You are a cold,cruel wicked soul who threw so many innocent people under the bus just for a few coins.

      Always quick to sing how holy you are,yet forgetting that fornication or adultery are not the only sins.
      What of slander,gossip etc that you feed on?

      Your case is that of “the lady doth protest too much”
      What exactly are you hiding? That you feel the need to always yell “I am holy,i don’t fuck around”
      Who cares?

      Your true colors came out during the Hermes saga
      You are a lowlife who still cannot handle where her gossip proceeds have landed her!

      If people truly knew how arrogant you are,i can assure you that your dwindling fanbase would decrease!

      People smile in your face only because it’s the polite thing to do!
      Tiwa Savage…loool
      You need to hear when they discuss you.
      You will faint.

      You and your siblings will always be that sore thumb that sticks out!

      Bunch of talentless beings.

      You insult and attempt to embarrass a young man who got off his ass to make something of himself,all for what?
      Blog hits?

      Anyway,i wouldn’t expect you to understand men like Wizkid when the examples you live with failed you.
      E.g your Father and that loser brother called Peks!

      What is a Peks?
      What does it do?
      Sitting and Snapping pics all day in his sisters home?
      Having the effrontery to step to Wizkid and Davido?
      Thank God,they put him in his place by ignoring him!
      When men are making global moves,a local goat cannot just understand!

      You talk about empowerment for women right?
      I suggest you pay for a Sex change for Peks and then empower him seeing as he is a failure as a man!

      You are now a joke Linda Ikeji..

      I give you two years max…..

  12. I know your secret whore18 April 2016 at 07:36

    Laura you can go around deceiving the world. You were a runs girl you and your sister sleeping around with marries men for peanut don't come here and be forming shit when there's nothing to fom. I have all your dirty secrets in my palm and I would reveal it soon. The ONLY REASON YOU ARE WITH OGBONNA IS BECAUSE OF HIS MONEY. TELL HIM TO BUY YOU A CAR EVEN SANDRA THAT HAS AN ACTUAL "JOB" HAS BOUGHT HERSELF A 4MATIC YOU ARE STILL DRIVING THAT HAND ME DOWN FROM YOUR SISTER. I PRAY THAT OGBONNA MARRIES YOU. WAIT, HE JUST MIGHT NOT. HE'S FUCKING MY FRIEND AND HE SAYS SHE'S SWEET. SO BE THERE LIKE PANT WEAR YOU. WHoRE SLUTTY IDIOT. Failed woman

    1. Haters will kip hating....kip flying high gals

    2. Haters will kip hating....kip flying high gals

    3. What in JESUS name is making you this freaking bitter. Phew! What the hell!.All this ur record about another with so much bitterness I hope you still have room to acknowledge that u hav got flaws too cos you were so much in a hurry to express your silly bitterness that most of your spellings were wrong. calm down my Friend, life na jeje. And sad enough nobody is interested in your opinion nor future secret waiting to be unveiled. Repent and read Matthew 7:1-2. Damn girl your frustrated. Receive healing.

      Signed: Laura's fan.

  13. Choi... Wats happenin here..
    Too much attack

    Enugu's shoe maker

  14. Anonymous and all the other shit posting people, put ur name cos is obvious u are so bitter over a young girls progress. critics don't make it so give ur life to christ to save u from poverty and pains

  15. I love the pics joor.


  16. Nice one...

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  17. How does she look gorgeous when the only thing I can see are two hands and a mouth?

  18. Laura please does it mean that you have given up on blogging?

  19. Why would she have time to blog wen she won't sit down in place... but she has time to put dirty pics on insta.. cheap slut! and who goes about sleeping with pple husbands. Lemme just inform u, if my sisters ever sets her eyes on ur that ur bleached skin would be roasted. No be only ogbonna hiSssssss

  20. Chineke!all this hate and bitterness frm a woman to another woman?na wa oooo!i love d ikejis they r wat they call women that made their father proud of havin female kids!they try!runs or no runs it will foreva b in d books that they rose frm Grass to a little more more and u'll realise u too can b better!

  21. Which hot? Her fake bum bum...