Thursday, 14 April 2016

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Mai Atafo x Kikelomo . Classy meets sexy.

This is how every boss lady should look like. Outfit made by Mai Atafo.  Well sown, well thought of and put together.

Every lady would look awesome wearing this outfit.  I love

Knock Knock.... From Laura

Awwww got a few emails from some of you my amazing readers about me posting pictures on ig  and not posting here.  Apologies.  I miss you guys too. No excuse except  Anne would be posting from next week if or when I'm unavailable.   Who is Anne? Lol. She's bae.

One word for these outfits please.

The only time anyone should be seen in these sexy midi gowns is when you have a great body to wear it on. If not pls don't bother buying it.  Its too much.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Hey yayyyyyyyyyyy my lovelies. I'm back from exile. Hehe. Apologies. How inappropriate or appropriate is my combo?

 So I wore this outfit to my ebony live interview and alot over ky darling ig followers thought it was crazy to combine this lovely dress styled by @mizwanneka on ig and ankle shoes. What do you think? My opinion would be in the comment section replying you all.  More pix after the cut