Tuesday, 2 February 2016

How can a woman be pregnant and fashionionable at the same time

One of my  biggest fears of being pregnant is that I was going to become lazy and too nonchalant about alot of things,especially fashion.
 How and what can you do to maintain a great fashion sense as a pregnant woman.

Question to pregnant women, nursing mothers, mothers, and women generally, please tell us if you know.
How can you maintain your fashion sense and be pregnant


  1. Eat well and exercise ....lol....justsaying.... Congrats Lau on ur milestone hits yesterday..... happy for you....It keeps getting beta.....


    1. Have u ever been pregnant Raphael? Let's hear from the yummy mummies here. BTW Laura been pregnant doesn't hinder ur fashion sense. There are a lot of women who rocks pregnancy well...Laura this one we u don dey think of pregnancy so e be like say u go marry this year oh *justsayingsha*

    2. Laura wana b a mom soon...nice onw

    3. Pregnancy is not an easy journey my @ all

      The painful part of it is that you carry your cross alone except if you have caring,lloving and understanding husband.

      During pregnancy your level of annoyance go increase like play likplay infant you might end up crying like a baby @ any slightest annoyance

    4. Anyway am sure most ladies in the house knows almost all symptoms of pregnancy so make I no preach much and answer the question...imbok

      During pregnacy you tend to gain weight oo
      My sister even if you be no 1 for body fitness like me, you will surely gain weight and @ this stage most clothes becomes more titter for you.

      You might not be able to rock some of your "open body clothes" becos of skin reaction.

      If you can cat walk or dog walk before, your walks go change to horse walk during pregnancy becos you self nogo understand yourself again...wink!

    5. During pregnacy, their are many ways you can still be fashionable they are

      1. Wear comfortable wears
      Wear comfortable wears from. your clothes to your pants and even bras.

      Biko avoid tight clothes they make you look like amoeba during pregancy

      Some babes can form during pregnancy enh, infant some of them still rock their 6 inches heel thinking they are "kim kardeshian"...ko nice rara
      You only stress your self and the baby.

      Instead wear flat Sanders, slippers, lower inch shoes etc

      Wearing flat shoes does not mean you wunt be fashionable it depends on what you wear and how you wear them

      2.Avoid bleaching.
      My sister I no almost every babe is guilty of this offence

      Bleaching during pregnancy makes you look good and intact @ your first trimester only....my lovely sisters when you enter 2 trimester you go no say"kakki no be leather"

      Avoid it please you can still be fashionable when you maintain your original skin.

      Infant during anti natal , this is the first thing they will tell you.

      Bleaching during pregnancy is harmful to your unborn child

      3. Exercise
      I don't need to preach too much on this one because almost everybody knows that exercise is good for he or her but during pregnacy, you must exercise ooo hmm if not, you go hear am on the day of your delivering

      If you are not use to hard exercise you can try easy ones especially some designed exercise for pregnant women. just log on to browser,type "different exercise for pregnant women you will see some examples.

      Exercising during pregnancy helps you stay active, fresh and helps you maintain your nice figure...wink

      4. Hairstyles

      Did I just say hairstyles? Yes ooo my dear avoid those hairstyle that can make you sick
      Don't wear hair that will make you look like a masquerade...lol

      Abeg do hairstyle that will make you comfortable and look simple

      5.avoid much makeup
      6 wear nice maternity gowns

      Abeg make I go answer my customers ...lol
      make una no vex ooo say my Grammar and the way I wright no correct ooo...I no be lecture.

    6. Dress neatly, not too tight clothes and not too bogus either. You just hv to change some of your wears when pregnant. You keep changing as the pregnancy increases. Make simple hair preferably all back style that you can easily pack, wear light make up, simple earrings n go on flat sandals or slippers. Always look neat n simple when pregnant.

    7. Aproko manager God go catch you this year oooo you go soon join our crew...lol

  2. I have no idea and am nt scared of looking like a crazy person while being pregnant. Laura when hormones set in u go forget fashion

  3. Lol@ judith no be small when hormones set in she go forget fashion

  4. Laura,u don chop?. I noticed you were asking questions on pregnancies.
    Ok,here goes:
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    You are a very fashionable lady,so you'll be a very fashionable mama.
    Pregnancy makes one sweat,so light clothings are advised.

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  5. Being fashionable while pregnant depends on your perception. There are wonderful and sexy maternity wears out there. Personally I look more sexy and fashionable when I am pregnant than when I am normal. My husband commends my fashion sense when pregnant cos I try as much as possible to look sexy and on the course of doing that I find out that I end up loosing weight by taking more fruits and vegetables and at the end wear all manner of clothes that are more fashionable than normal

  6. Laura baby truth is people's body systems defers. Without pregnancy u r hyperactive, with pregnancy it might me d direct opposite.

  7. Laura baby truth is people's body systems defers. Without pregnancy u r hyperactive, with pregnancy it might me d direct opposite.

  8. It depends on ur body,like me 1st trimester I can't do nothing, but from 2trimster I can wear anything sexy & will always want my make up on point, even d fact that I hardly wear make up on a normal day.

  9. It depends!but fashion and pregnancy always find a way to balance!ask chrissy teiGen she always slay!not tite kipin it comfy

  10. It depends!but fashion and pregnancy always find a way to balance!ask chrissy teiGen she always slay!not tite kipin it comfy

  11. Wow...interesting!


  12. While I was preggy it was really hard keeping up with being fashionable at the same time , but I had promised myself that I wouldn't do the "pregnant old woman" lifestyle so I forced myself to Atleast look good , make up irritated me so I kept it really simple with powder and colored lipgloss , then I tried to make my hair every now and then ... I got elastic waist trousers and some cool oversized shirts so I was still lookin trendy , few loose gowns once in a while .. Most importantly try to be comfortable in whatever Ure wearing so u don't pass out lol.. And u really have to put some conscious effort into looking good while pregnant because If u decide to follow how the body dey do you ehn , ull end up not bathing for days lol

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  15. Laura u are cool just like dat and am sure even with pregnancy u still gonna slay fashion wise.

  16. Dear laura,pregnancy looks good on women,so don't be scared!

  17. Wat I need to say is that avoid bleaching. And be yourself. And eat healthy food. Any thing that Doctor ask you todo, do it accordingly. Thanks

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  19. You can't tell until you actually become pregnant. Cos each person reacts differently to the changes of pregnancy.and each pregnancy differs from the other. Chanced are that if you are fashion conscious before, you would still be while pregnant and with social media it's easy to find things that you can rock. Your face might look ugly but doesn't stop you from dressing the body.

    1. *chances.

      Some people also look prettier in pregnancy 😊

    2. *chances.

      Some people also look prettier in pregnancy 😊

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