Friday, 15 January 2016

What your outfit says about you

Every outfit you wear says something about you in terms of the colour. Each colour has a meaning and if you are among the very many people that has a favourite colour, find out what that colour says. Cont to read.

Red_ this colour says confident,sexy,ambitious and bold. Its the colour for sex appeal and passion

Pink_ for the lovers of pink,it says you are girly,gentle,sweet and playful.

Yellow_ says fun,cheerful,happy. This make people tend to get closer to you as they see you as approachable.

Orange_ says warm and enthusiastic.

Blue_ says cool,calm,collected, loyal and trustworthy

Purple_Royalty and elegance at its peak

Brown_ just like the colour of the earth it says, down to earth,relaxed and reliable.

Green_ self reliance and seeking growth in any aspect

White_ orderliness

Black_ it is said that a person who enjoys dressing up in all black, is a person bottling up so many emotions. Black is also associated with strength,sexiness and mystery

Grey_ coolness and composure.

The meanings are not limited to this little list of mine,what's your favourite color when it comes to clothes?


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  2. Blue,yellow and dark colours basically

  3. I don't have favourite colour, anyone goes.

  4. I love white mostly, but any other colour can go

  5. I love all shades of brown ,white. these two are my favourite

  6. Black!im totally in love with it

  7. Black and brown been Bae since like forever

  8. MAGIC SAID.....I love red,pink like mad

  9. White, yellow, green nd blue. Tnks Lau darl!

  10. for me i prefer blue black and the white

  11. for me i prefer blue black and the white

  12. Hmmm strange as my friends always say to me,I love red and black