Sunday, 10 January 2016

Two things Peter okoye can't do without

 Let's put our fashion spotlight on Peter Okoye, he has always been a fashion person even from the early days. He was on all fashion trends back in the days,from too colourful outfit,to big blings,to sagging, he sure was stealing the hearts of so many with his music and style. Right now,he seems to have found his own style and doesn't experiment with colours or excessive blings. His two main fashion essentials happen to be caps and glasses as he tries to pair all his outfit with both or one of them in the mix. Check out some of his pictures below.
I think this style works for him



  1. Replies
    1. He looks good.

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  2. Definitely works for him. D lips.. Hmmmm

    Lady with class#

  3. He's my MCM.
    Please,drop your comments too

  4. I think fashion is all about finding what suits you n what you r comfortable in.

  5. BEAUTIFUL9JADELTABABE.. hmm ok just there, hmm anyway me am Justsayingmaownohh via ma LATEST tECNF7