Friday, 15 January 2016

Stylish ways to pair a pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are very versatile pieces,they can serve for any occasion and have been around for ages. I consider them to be part of every girls wardrobe essentials. Here are ways you can pair your pencil skirt.

With heels.
With a cute top.
Cont after the cut

Either a chiffon, cotton or lace top would go well with a pencil skirt. You could tuck it in or leave it hanging out.
Tucking it in will make your torso appear shorter,and you would love to hide tummy rolls when wearing a pencil skirt, go for ones with wider waist bands.

As a co_ord

Wearing the matching crop top a pencil skirt came with is equally stylish. If you feel uncomfortable wearing the top,just pair the skirt with any other top you feel comfortable with.
With sneakers or flats

skirts and sneakers? Yeah,absolutely fab. You should totally try it ,perfect for going to classes.

With a belt and a blazer
Alternatively, you could use


  1. Does it mean dt pencil skirt wit wedge boot will go? @heylaura

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  3. could you write on how to rock flay and fish tail skirts. I would really appreciate and thanks for sharing this

  4. I have always had my reservations about skirts but it a trend am gonna try soon

  5. BEAUTIFUL9JADELTABABE... Nice on e hmm anyway me am Justsayingmaownohh via ma LATEST TECNoF7

  6. i will try this skirt also but it really dashing

  7. The only thing i could see is ur flat abs! Sweet Lord in Heaven!
    Show me d way!

  8. Nice combinations. I always consider pencil skirts as a versalite, especially black. So it's not surprising that I have a black pencil skirt and I love to use a standard combination: white blouse and black skirt. Perhaps, that looks too formal, but to my mind it's stylish