Saturday, 16 January 2016

Plus size fashion: Tips to dress up your curves.

No you aren't fat,you've got curves, lots of curves and you shouldn't be afraid to dress up or go shopping. There are lots of plus size fashion bloggers who have created a whole new twist to the plus size dressing game and I was able to pick up a few fashion tip from fashion blogger Tharma(@musingsofacurvylady) to share with you all. Check out some handy fashion tips to dress up your curves. Pls cont

Don't be afraid of colours,go bold. I know wearing black can create a slimming effect,but it wouldn't hurt to add a dash of colours to your closet. And let's be real here, having a closet full of dull coloured clothes will make you look like you suffer from depression.

Wear clothes that fit_ no one says you have to wear sacs just because of some extra curves you've got. When you shopping pick the clothes that fit,not too loose,not too tight.

Play with prints_ when wearing prints,go for smaller prints nothing too big.

Don't be scared to follow fashion trends as long as the suit your body shape and you feel comfortable in it

Emphasize your assets_ what part of your body do you love most? Legs? Hips? Or d├ęcolletage? Don't be afraid to emphasize them when you dress. Major confidence booster I tell you

Make up and accessories will do you a whole good. The first thing people see when they walk up to you is your face,so don't be scared to make up and wear bold accessories