Sunday, 10 January 2016

My number 1 styling rule

When it comes to styling yourself ,there are little bits one could ignore that could make your entire outfit a mess. I've always said I play it safe when it comes to fashion and most people don't know what playing it "safe" actually means. When I say the word "safe", one of the things that should come to mind should be colours, when playing it safe you don't want to combine more than three colours in one outfit even when color blocking. Most of the outfits I have worn were either ensembles or didn't have more than three colours because I realized that more colours could lead to more disasters, and the best way to avoid this would be to choose just three colours with one being a neutral colour. More after the cut

The only time you are allowed to ignore this rule and wear more than three colours is when you want to look like a water colour set or rainbow in an attempt to scare a future spouse maybe.

I would make a post on colour combination soon so you would know what colour to pair with another, and that even when you play it safe with colours you could still have so much fun dressing and looking good.
Photo credit,blogger @artbecomesyou 


  1. My goodness! I love this....sweeeet......

  2. This combo is beautiful

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  5. Patiently waiting for the color chart...I need it badly!

  6. So in essence lau lau, what is your topic? The babe nailed it mbok

  7. Beautiful combination

  8. BEAUTIFUL9JADELTABABE.. beautiful hmm anyway me am Justsayingmaownohh via ma LATEST TECNO f7