Monday, 4 January 2016

Keep these fashion faux pas behind you

Fashion "faux pas" are embarrassing and tactless fashion actions, In simple terms they are fashion mistakes we make consciously or unconsciously. There are numerous fashion faux pas, and as long as people are always going to wear clothes,new one will still evolve. Now after reading this article and you go back to do the same thing, that is the face I will make for you
Too tight outfit, the kind that squeezes you so much you feel like you are going to burst out of it.
Wearing your bra straps visibly isn't attractive, keep the straps where they belong.
Wearing track suit to go out; track suits should not be worn for anything other that exercising,don't wear it as a casual outfit. More after the cut.

Evening gowns during the day is a no no,what's up with the girls that do these? There's a reason its called EVENING gown dearie.
Too much accessories both for the guys and ladies, less is more remember this
Baggy shirts,or jean; its baffling that people will wear clothes and the clothes will have so much space to contain an extra human being in the name of fashion.
Wearing slippers for every outfit isn't cool, that's why there are sandals and ballet shoes and sneakers
Wearing a 6 inch heel you can't walk with just to blend in or form biz girl is outdated, do remember that comfort is of the essence when it comes to fashion
Wearing too many patterns and print at once
Carrying handbags that can contain a bull
Wearing a wrist watch that doesn't work
Wearing a faded jean while lying to yourself that its the colour.


  1. In the word of Linda, I say Gbam! So true.....

    1. Hahhahahahahahhahahahah
      Laura why you dey use laugh finish me nau?

      Which one is carring handbag that can contain a bull?

      Ewo tuni wearing wristh watch that deosnt work?
      Babe I dey that category my fiancé bought me an expensive wristwatch which I wore fore only 3 months it stopped working make I no talk again because I still dey parade myself with that

      I go change.

    2. Hmmmmmm
      If money dey person go blend joor

  2. Hahahahahahahahha this post is funny but true. It baffles me when I see ppl with wrist watch that isn't working.

    1. Chai!
      No be all the watch you go notice ooo


  3. hahahahah! the 6inches heel got me

  4. So funny buh ds r actually true glad I read it

  5. hahahahaha...funny but true, I'm guilty of wearing wrist watch dat doesn't work o...

  6. Loool I can't blive I loved baggy jeans

  7. This is downright hilarious. Please work on your punctuation.

  8. Am so lovin dis post cos it has taught me some tins cos we're all guity of some of dese tins!

  9. Am so lovin dis post cos it has taught me some tins cos we're all guity of some of dese tins!