Wednesday, 13 January 2016

How to pair colours

Who remembers the "colour wheel"? I think it was a topic taught in fine arts back in secondary school. When in doubt of what colours to pair together, looking at the colour wheel can give you a heads up or point you in the right direction. I'm going to try to make this as simple as possible so no one gets confused. There are different categories of colours namely. Pls cont

Primary colours_ red,yellow, blue
Secondary colours_orange,green,purple
Tertiary colours_ blue_green,blue_violet
Complementary colours_ two colours opposite each other (blue and orange, green and red)
Analogous colours_ three colours next to each other on the colour wheel(green,blue_green,and blue)
Warm colours_yellow, red,orange
Cool colours_ different shades of blie
Neutral colours_ grey,black,beige, white

When pairing clothes

* Analogous colours can be paired together as they are pleasing to the eye and a hue of each other. You can pair mint green with blue. Dont know what Analogous colours are? Look at the colour wheel and three colours next to each other on the wheel having the same hues are analogous

You can go monochromatic_ this means wearing one colour only, just like I love wearing all white. You can use any colour from red to yellow or blue.

Complementary colours like blue and orange can be paired together, by either using one as the base or adding a neutral colour like white to it.

You can always wear a neutral colour with either a primary,tertiary or secondary colour. Black and purple, cream and mint green will make a perfect combo. Always try to make the neutral colour the base of the outfit.

Don't pair black with navy blue,these two don't go well. Black and brown can be paired only if you are entirely sure of what look you are settling for.

Go for only one colour and pair it with a neutral colours. Bright yellow shirt will go well with a black skirt and brown flats.

There are tons of ways to combine colours,studying the colour wheel will definitely make things a lot easier, and always remember that fashion is all about wearing what you feel comfortable in. Even though it says black and navy blue don't go together, you could still wear it if you feel comfortable in it. Who knows,you might be the one to create the next big trend.


  1. Useful information for fashion lovers.sure,we can create our look with colours of our choice,so far it's pleasant to the eye

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    Bolatito’s Blog

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