Sunday, 3 January 2016

Fashion tips and tricks from yours truly. Xoxo

When it comes to dressing up,shopping and styling what you have,it can get a little bit confusing and tedious. Here are few basic fashion tips and tricks that could make dressing,shopping and styling agun activity for you. More tips after th cut.

Know your measurement, you have to know what size you are. If you are size 12(UK size) then its the same as S(small), size 14 is a M(medium) and 16 is L (large). Knowing your size is the step to achieving a stylish look
Keep your closet organized, sometimes it would look like you have no clothes when they are left around place,keeping them organized in a closet makes it easier to look at and pick out what to wear
Wearing a clothe immediately after ironing,would crease it. Let it stay a while before wearing
Invest in a good shape wear especially when wearing body fitted dress they make you appear more slimmer and keeps everything in place.
Know your body shape,colour and clothes that make you comfortable
Dress according to your age
Have the basic fashion items handy (I mentioned them in earlier post)
Invest in good underwear,no one likes seeing the colour of undies. When wearing white ,go for nude under garments
Always remember less is more.