Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Fashion items to aviod buying when you are short on cash

Once in a while,we get financially tight and have to follow a strict budget and in these moments, anything we can cut back on to save some extra bucks would mean a lot. Here are fashion items to avoid buying when you are broke. Cont to read.

Scarves and hats_ these two serve their purpose in fashion,but if you are broke,you might want to cross it out of your shopping list as you can make do without them.

Jackets_ Except you work in an environment that needs you to constantly wear one,jackets are pieces you can forgo and save some extra bucks.

Clothes that need altering_ no matter how pretty the clothes are,if you would need to take if for another fitting,don't buy it. The extra fitting would bring extra costs.

Multiples of a cloth_ there's no point buying a pack of plain white tee or a dozen of shirt when you can just buy one and save the money.

Items that would incur more shipping fees than the fashion item itself. There's no point buying a denim shirt of 2,500 naira that would be shipped for a fee of 2,600 naira.

What's the fashion item you can't buy when you don't have sufficient funds?


  1. Tnk u for d tips especially no. 3

  2. Pant. Because you have more than enough mbok

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