Sunday, 31 January 2016

Let's get to know ourselves more on heylaura

Have you guys noticed that this blog is about the only fashion blog that gets a reasonable amount of comments.  In fact there isn't any post on this blog that doesn't get any comment, choi, you guys are too much oooo.  I'm too grateful.

Now let's play a lil game outside fashion.  Its called "say it like you mean it"
 Just write your name and say something that you've been wanting to say for a long time but haven't been bold enough to. If it means criticing me or any celebrity. Anything at all.

Will go first.
My name is Laura Ikeji and I'm in love with my best friend whom I'm currently dating.
One more guys, urmmm I still maintain that those dresses on Annie were unflattering.  Hehe

Ur turn.
Happy new month.  Mwahhhhhh

Dress like Tybello or ....

Who can give me 5 reasons to dress like this?  Pls be creative.  ☺ thanks

See Lagos through the eyes of British singer Tinnie Tempah

 Pictures taken by Tybello.  Lovely interpretation  I must say. More pictures after the cut.

Juliet Ibrahim slays for Maya awards

The beautiful actress just won an honorary award for philanthropic works at the maya award the actress was styled by multiple award winning stylist and fashion influencer jeremiah ogbodo of Swanky's signatures styling aka @swankyjerry ,make up by @sutchay more pics after the cut

Best dressed. Yvonne Vixen Ekwere

She is my best dressed of yesterday.  She really took her time to get everything done,  from the head band to the dress and purse.  Everything on point.  Love love.
You agree? If you don't,  who else killed it for you. So I can bring their pix on here.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

whether thrown out or not, the Olumofin brothers stopped the show.

  So rumour has it that  the Olumofin brothers were asked to leave the traditional  wedding ceremony of OAP Toolz and capt Tunde Demuren. Well that's none of my business,  my business is how they actually looked and I must say they killed it.  I want to believe they were the  best dressed of the occasion.  
These brother sure know how to get it done fashion wise.  More pictures after the cut.

letter to you guys from me Laura Ikeji

Dear blog readers, how far.
Some of you guys have often told me to get outta the box and say what I really mean  about a look or outfit.  I talk yesterday oooo,  some of una won chop of my head.  What do you want gangan? ??
Do I Continue with my opinionless  posts or say something?  What exactly do you want,  I'm ready to do it your way.
With love

would you let your bridesmaid wear black on your wedding day?

Was arguing yesterday about this topic. I'm a very liberal person,  I think fashion and style is defined and seen in different ways.  This to me isn't a bad look, I won't let my bridesmaid wear it though but it isn't bad.

What do you guys think?  Got to rock it or make it stop?

Annie idibia for Abbykedomina Luxe Lace collection


All the outfits Annie Idibia wore from the lace luxe collection at a glance. Which is your favourite?

I personally won't wear any of these outfits because they are too big, lacey and unsexy.  Maybe it's the photographer or lighting or ... There's something off about the outfits. Oh well,  which is your favourite of them all

Anne Hathaway shows us how to style a baby bump

You know how they always encourage pregnant women to wear long dresses because the growing bump will pull the dress up thereby making it shorter? Well, Anne Hathaway wasn't having any of that style lessons as she strutted the red carpet in a short oversize dress. The loose fit of the dress made up for the length and created more space for the bump. Yay? Or nay?

Toolz shows off curves in scallop dress


She wore this gold and black scallop dress for her dinner party. The dress was fitted and showed off her curves. You like?

Would you wear? The tutu skirt

Tutu skirts were commonly worn by ballerina's before becoming a fashion trend for all. This type of skirt is mostly worn by kids because of the playful touch it has. However, new ways of styling are emerging for this fashion piece and they are being worn by anyone. Would you wear this?

Who looked better in braids? Khloe or Kim?

Their new beauty trend? The kardashian sisters pictured in cornrows. Who looked better in it? Khloe or Kim?

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Which is your favourite? My dungarees series.

Side by side picture of the dungarees I have worn this year. The first one was a ripped blue dungaree and inner white tee I wore recently, while the second was a regular blue dungaree I paired with a floral printed tee. Which is your favourite look?

Noble Igwe dapper in new photos


Yemi Slade steps out in revealing Ankara outfit.

This outfit was designed by Zizi Cardow and I think Yemi pulled it off well, you like?

Outfit detais : Ripped dungarees and lace up sneakers

Blue ripped dungaree with inner white tee and grey lace up sneakers for a casual day. Very comfortable and laid back when you want to go for a chic casual look. Another pic after the cut.

One tip to make you look taller in flats.

Wearing heels all the time doesn't sound like fun to most people and no matter the volumes of tutorials they read online,they still find heels painful and uncomfortable. Fear not,you aren't alone in this. If the essence of you wearing heels in the first place is to make you taller, you can still wear flats and create the illusion of a taller figure. How? Simple! Just opt for flats that show of more of your feet,one that has cuts and designs that enables your feets to be seen. This creates the illusion of a taller figure.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

How fashionable is the nose ring on actress Uche Ogbodo

I personally have never fancied nose rings, be it tiny or big but I see it on some girls and it definitely looks great on them.

But how cool is the bull nose ring though.  Is it trendy or just plain tacky.
Got to have it or make it stop?

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Peter VS Paul Okoye. who would you pick?

Why have one when we can get two? Peter okoye and his brother Paul looked classical as they struck a pose in their suit. They both looked good,but if you could pick one based on dressing,who would you pick?

Who wore the rope cut out dress better?

Rita ora or the Versace model?

Three times the elegance

Tracy Nwapa, Tiwa savage and Mania ochonogor wearing the Iman dress from ilàrè clothing line. One conspicuous detail of this dress is the sleeves,quite bold. Stunning women.

The Altelier Versace collection

 Versace just launched a new collection named the Altelier versace. This collection is all about showcasing the strength and beauty of the female body. There were lots of thigh high slitted dresses, and cut out dresses showing the décolletage, no wonder its regarded as the provocative collection. This style of dresses might be seen a lot this year starting with celebrities wearing them on the red carpet followed by mass production of similar cuts. These fashion shows actually begin any trend. More photos after the cut.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Chacha Eke and her Mini me trend again in matching outfits.

More gorgeous pictures after the cut. 

Tracksuits may be the next big thing!

Wearing tracksuits during the day is something not considered fashionable, but Kylie Jenner might just be the one to change that. She wore a grey tracksuit pants with matching sweater and white adidas tubular sneakers during the day. As a finishing touch,she added a bag and shades to the mix.  Cont for more after the cut.

How sheer is too sheer ?

When Khloe wore this gold maxi dress out,she didn't fathom how wrong it could go in seconds. The dress was lovely no doubt, but being too tight,it showed off way too much than anticipated. When you wear a dress so tight, do ensure that the material is strong and not so light that it becomes transparent in sunlight. Except of course your aim is to reveal so much  like Khloe. All in all, the dress and lace up booties looked good on her. Pls cont for another pic.

Four times Solange Knowles wowed in African prints

One thing about Solange when it comes to fashion is that she tries everything and isn't afraid to rock a particular style of outfit. From oversized pants,to fringe wears,she pulls off every look well. She also is a fan of African prints as we have seen her wearing them not just once on the red carpet. Check out some pictures of her rocking the African prints. More fab photos after the

Alternate way to wear your denim shirt dress

The denim shirt dress is a popular piece,almost everyone has one. One major pro of this type of outfit is that you can just throw it on and go out. It doesn't require much styling or pairing as it makes a statement on its own. If you ever get bored of wearing it like that and would like to try something else, wear it as a long jacket by leaving the buttons open. You could wear a short, skater mini skirt or pants with a body suit or camisole and throw your denim shirt dress on as a jacket. Easy peasy, hope you try this soon. Cont

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Style lessons with Millen Magese

The BET award winner showed us how to pull of the denim x denim look with boots. She paired her blue denim with an ash top and layered with a washed denim jacket. To complete the look, she wore a black heel boots and a red bag to add a bit more colour. More pix after three cut

Friday, 22 January 2016

Actress Chacha Eke Faani rocks short skirt like never before.


Dolapo osibanjo sizzles in red

The wife of the vice president of Nigeria, Dolapo Osibanjo attended the premier of Airtel touching Lives season two in this red number. One unique detail about this dress happens to be the cut of the neckline, and the sleeves. The colour was a great choice given the event. She looked lovely I must say.

Dakore dazzles in floral boho dress

Who doesn't love this maxi boho dress Dakore wore? She wore this outfit for a meet and greet event she had with a few fans of hers. The floral print dress was very colourful  and I love how she picked out an appropriate shoe and accessory from the colours on the dress. This isn't the first time she's wearing a maxi dress and looking elegant in it. In fact, I think she has a soft spot for maxi dresses.

Would you rock the floral print maxi dress?

Dracula inspired look

Remember this outfit Uche Nnaji wore to the Pittuomo fashion festival? Well,a closeup headshot emerged and it shows the full details of the outfit. First, the magnified cape,then the gloves, this reminds me of Dracula. That's how its pictured in the movies. This might be a new trend for the guys, would you rock it? Ladies,would you let your man wear this?

Photo credit_Instagram @uchennaji

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Who rocked the jacquard dress better?

The patchwork woven multicolored Jacquard dress was designed by Greyprojects. Zainab Balogun wore hers with a white shirt underneath, adding a twist to the outfit. Who rocked it better? Zainab or the model?

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Lisa Folawiyo does it again


Told you all that I loved how she dressed and combined her outfits right? Check out this lengthy skirt and shirt she pulled off effortlessly. You like?

Three times the hotness with Yvonne Nwosu


Yvonne Nwosu looking good in the three different outfits she wore earlier. One unique thing about her designs would be the prints she uses to make her outfits. That white skirt caught my eyes. Which look is your fave?

Orange, the new trend?


First it was the grey and orange from Rukky Sanda,now its black and orange from Mocheddah . The singer wore all black and brightened up the look with a little orange bag. Is it the weather or is everyone just suddenly loving warm colours? Orange might actually be a trend this season. What do you think? Would you be adding a bit more orange to your closet

How to style the fish tail skirt

The fish tail skirt is also a called mermaid skirt  and is different from a flared skirt. A flared skirt spreads out from the waist down while a fish tail skirt spreads out from the bottom part. Someone asked for tips on how to style this type of skirt. Styling a fish tail skirt isn't too different from styling a regular pencil skirt or maxi skirt. A fish tail skirt can be midi or maxi depending on the length. Here are possible ways to style the fish tail skirt. Pls cont to read

Colour me rusty

Few days back I wore a rust coloured shirt dress and rust coloured plunging jumpsuit from @miskayboutique. Rust is a reddish brown orange colour with a warm undertone. I love this colour because it complements every skin tone and adds an extra glow to your entire look. I paired the outfits with black heels. Which outfit do you love the most?

Fashion items to aviod buying when you are short on cash

Once in a while,we get financially tight and have to follow a strict budget and in these moments, anything we can cut back on to save some extra bucks would mean a lot. Here are fashion items to avoid buying when you are broke. Cont to read.

5 things people notice about your outfit

When someone approaches you,they look at your face and after few seconds their eyes go to your outfit and how you appear. Before they notice if your outfit is cheap or expensive, there are 5 random things most people notice. Pls cont.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Grey & orange vibes. See how actress Rukky Sanda combine colours like a queen


Rukky Sanda wore this grey bodycon dress that had subtle slit and opening. She paired the outfit with an orange cross body bag and matching shoes. She has a soft spot for short bodycon dresses. What do you think? Yay or nay?

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Chrissy Teigen stuns on the cover of Instyle

She graced the cover of Instyle Australia magazine wearing different outfits. A white maxi dress,a floral print maxi dress and a see through fringe dress. The maxi dresses all had thigh high slit. What do you think? Yay or nay? Another pic after the cut.

Misskayboutique X Agatha Moreno weekend fun.

These were the outfits I wore last week. First one was a wifey white tee with a blue square cut out jeans and three straps ankle sandals. The outfit was from @miskayboutique. I initially wanted to wear it with a jacket,but majority suggested I go without the jacket. Cont after the cut.

How to style the fish tail skirt


The fish tail skirt is also a called mermaid skirt  and is different from a flared skirt. A flared skirt spreads out from the waist down while a fish tail skirt spreads out from the bottom part. Someone asked for tips on how to style this type of skirt. Styling a fish tail skirt isn't too different from styling a regular pencil skirt or maxi skirt. A fish tail skirt can be midi or maxi depending on the length. Here are possible ways to style the fish tail skirt. Pls cont to read after the cut.

Style tips for the slim lady

I posted an article for the plus size ladies and how they can learn to dress up their curves,and quite a few people asked for style tips to make a slimmer lady appear more curvier. So this article is for those who are looking to add a little bulk with the help of fashion. Please note that this article is just a guideline to make things easier and not a decree telling you what to wear or what not to wear. Always remember that every BODY is beautiful in its own way. Now,for the style tips; cont after the cut

Saturday, 16 January 2016

The style doctor takes the streets of Italy

Style doctor Uche Nnaji attended the Pitt uomo fashion festival recently in bright statement pieces. The fashion festival was a coloured one with different cut,styles and shades of outfit being worn by fashion enthusiasts all over the world. That red suit is eye-catching don't you think so?