Monday, 7 December 2015

Work outfit ideas for the workaholic

Dressing up for work can sometimes be tedious and stressful especially when you have no idea of what to wear how or how to pair what you have. Read more after the cut..

The key to looking great to work is keeping everything simple and make up to a minimal. Having basic items like skirt, pants, dress and jacket is good enough to start you off on the right path.

Here are a few work outfit ideas
When in doubt, settle for a plain black skirt or any skirt and a simple shirt. Tuck in or let it hang out loosely with a belt seating on your waist. Pair off 
with good heels and bag.
A plain pants and fitted top never looked bad on anyone, match with the right accessories and you are good to go.
Depending on your type of work, settle for a suit, or preferably throw on a jacket or blazer on top your pants/skirt and look formal in seconds.
Dress, wear a decent dress, slightly below your knee and use a jacket to give it a more formal appeance. On a Friday, the jacket could be left out and the dress worn plainly. Depending on where you work.
A high waisted skirt, a little crop top and of course a jacket would make an excellent pair for work. Pair with a good bag and shoe.
For those who work in places where there are no strict dressing rules or code, you could be very fashionable with your dressing and still be presentable
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