Monday, 7 December 2015

Sunglasses: what you need to know

This has become a major fashion trend, with most celebrities posting selfies of themselves in various designs and styles of sunglasses. A sun glass isn't only a fashion piece, it protects the eye from ultra voilet rays (UVA/UVB RAYS). This simple piece of item, reduces the rate you glare in sunlight and protects the eyesight. You should totally consider getting one for yourself and your child, children are prone to eye problems, getting them protected from sun rays, lesens that probability.
When choosing sun glasses, you have to consider your face shape, as this affects the kind of glasses you settle for. In a nutshell, 
Round faces_ should go for rectangular frames and avoid round ones
Heart shaped faces_should go for cat eyed shape glasses 
Square faces_ should avoid rectangular frames so as to not look boxy
Oval faces would look good in a cat eyed framed glass.
Keep in mind that sunglasses are a must have fashion item, and you don't need to break the bank to own one.
Photo credit_Instagram &FashionIn