Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Outstanding Make up artist in 2015

 Fashion isn't complete without make-up and photography, and in Nigeria fashion industry, various MUA'S are seriously making waves as they glam up brides,celebrities and various ladies from around the country. In no particular order, here are the make up artist extraordinaire whose works has left us stunned. Pls cont.

Jide of st Ola
Being a man doesn't stop him from glamming women up

Oluchi Onuigbo
Her touch speaks clearly for itself

Anita brows
She did my make up once and I loved the outcome.

Banke Meshidal Lawal
Owner of bmpro cosmetic and also a leading make up artist in Nigeria

Bimpe onakoya
Top African make up artist whose works are nothing short of flawless


  1. Replies
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    2. Jide of St Ola is really good. Joyce Jacob beauty and iPosh looks were also outstanding this year.
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  2. Whatever happened to JoJo's touch and Joyce Jacobs beauty, they were pretty awesome this year too.

  3. Even if she puts JoJo's touch and Jacobs beauty you guys will still say one is missing

  4. BEAUTIFUL9JADELTABABE... cool love t hmm me am Justsayingmaown via ma LATEST TECHNO F7.

  5. Jst try Dis lady debbysez,dats her Instagram name,shes damn too good.

  6. Linda's protégé3 January 2016 at 08:28

    Kai...I love Bimpe Onakoya's works! I pray to get the opportunity to learn from her

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