Sunday, 15 November 2015

Maxi dress for the petite ladies

Maxi dresses are just elegant, with the way they flow at your feet,making you feel like royalty. Wearing a maxi dress as a petite lady can be very tricky as one wrong fashion move will leave you looking like a tent. But that doesn't mean you can't still pull of a chic look, just go through these guidelines in finding the perfect one. Cont to read
Go for maxi dresses with V neck they create a streamlined silhouette and make you appear taller
Buy a maxi dress that hugs a part of your body, like say your waist or under bust.That way, you don't get lost in the dress.
Wear the right shoes, if its a formal occasion, heels are your perfect choice, but for a more casual outing, pair it up with a strappy sandals. Maxi dress goes well with strappy heels or sandals
Wear colors that complement your skin tone or choose safe colors when in doubt
Don't be afraid to go for statement neckpieces or bold accessories. As long as you are wearing a white,black,Navy blue,brown or any warm color, you can pull of any kind of accessory without fear of your dress and accessory not going well.
Avoid big patterned designs on a maxi dress, they will only make you less noticeable and that's not what we are looking to achieve.
And last but not least, walk with your head held high ,you are wearing a royal dress, you've got to feel the part.