Monday, 9 November 2015

How to pair your pumps /courtheels

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How to pair your pumps/courtheels
Every lady needs a heel, even if she prefers wearing loafers or sneakers or walking bare feel. Wearing a heel enhances your outfit, boost your confidence, makes you taller, accentuate your figure, makes you taller and more noticeable to the opposite sex. The saying "a man loves a woman in heels" is so true.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would notice I love wearing court heels/pumps. And here's how you can pair them.
With a midi skirt_ you can pull off a good look wearing a knee length skirt with a pump/court heel With a two piece outfit_ the versatility of these shoes makes it ideal for a two piece outfitWith a jumpsuit/playsuit_  trust me, you can never go wrong pairing these two up

With a knee length gown _ Great combo, gives your look an elegant touch
With a skater dress_  a skater dress may look too girly but pairing them with a shoe like this takes it to a whole new level and adds that missing factor to it
Tip: you can buy a black and nude pump/court heel and pair them with different outfit. Doing this saves you time and still makes it appear like a fashionista on her A game.


  1. Abeg how do u maintain ur hair...always looking lovely!!! U dey retouch every week???
    Btw, u haven't corrected d pictureless post oo, we want to c d pix!!!
    Lastly, I have curves and I dnt want dem to waste, lemme knw if any boutique needs a model...*winks*
    I luv u Laura!!!

  2. Okay this blog is getting better daily. Why???

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  4. wow, I don't find those shoes really comfortable, any tips on how to work on heels?

  5. chai laura, you sure know how to dress. i love the jumpsuit and the red gown the most. keep flying my bae.


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