Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Heyyyyy guys, I'm in NewYork. Who wants to meet up?

Hey guys. If u are any where in NewYork and want to hangout with me or show me your city, pls holla. I can't wait to have so much fun.  A lot of pictures coming your way in a bit. Need to catch some sleep now. Xo

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Top 10 best dressed Nigerian DJs

 1, Dj Xclusive is Nigeria's best dressed Dj for sure, he might even be one of Nigeria's best dressed men. He is very detailed, he knows how to put it all together. From serious to casual looks Dj Xclusive has it on lock down. He also plays with colors. Pink,blue,yellow,red,green all the colors that the average man might find feminine looks great on him. He's an all round clean guy.

more after the cut

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Retired super eagles footballer Emenike looking stylish as he steps out

Now that top is bae!

lol secret about wearing thr color, Orange

The color Orange is so unique in clothings. Anyone , black, white, Asian, whatever the race is, the color arrange works for everyone. Doesn't have a body type either. Be you fat slim,short or tall, orange would look good on you.

Now if you wear an orange top, make sure you pair it with a darker color. It would look way better that way trust me. I don't particularly like the combo of orange and white because they are two bright colors, not working for me. Orange and wine, blue or black . You can never go wrong with orange sha. Beautiful got every season.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Karrueche Tran wears black net dress to event

Fire!! She rocked it so well, perfect shoes, hair compliments the makeup , minimal accessories . Simple and classy.

Today's outfit from ya girl @lauraikeji

 Both looks can be found at Miskayboutique. Follow them on ig @miskayboutique
Which of these outfits look better on me, I think the black, what's its? More photos after the cut

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

DJ Coublon swags out in ripped denim shirt. Creative

I'm sure a lot of us know who Dj Coublon is. He's the young man behind so many music hits, like Woju,Laiye,raba and so many more. This is actually my first time of seeing his picture. Hmmmm he needs to dress like this everyday. This is hawt, very stylish. Me likey.

There's a thin line between classy and trashy. Pls read

There is a thin line between classy and trashy. Very thin line, sometimes we tend to think that if it fits Tola, it would fit Nkechi. Nah, doesn't work like that. You must know your body type and wear outfits that would compliment it instead of what you think rocks.

For example, this outfit looks beautiful on this lady ba? She looks sexy and classy in it, trust me, if she were bigger, she would look trashy I this outfit. fat thighs would make it look urmm not so cool.

Tear tear outfits is never appealing for curvy women.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Yayyyyyy guys, I'm now the face of Miskayboutique!!! Lovely photos from Papilo studios

 So yesterday, my usual Instagram noise payed off, sad I signed the deal with Nigeria's biggest clothing store, @miskayboutique. It was ca beautiful day for me. Made me a lil emotional.
So I called my people at Papilo studios and told them I wanted a fun and playful pix. Sharpily sharpily they gave me theses beautiful images of me. You like? I love.  More pix after the cut

Friday, 16 October 2015

Balmain x H&M!!! Nothing but the best.

 When two of the biggest world fashion brands come together, all u get is the best of creativity. We know Balmain is strong and edgy, mean in a sexy way while H&M is soft, chick and sexy.
These two brands came together to give joy to you and I fashion lovers.

Can't wait to rock a few designs from this collection. Now I can proudly say, I'm a Balmain Army. 😎

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Ronnie Arewa release fashion pix on her birthday.

 She looks great. More pix after the cut

Style secret for petite women like me. Hey, get in here

If you are petite like me, there are certain clothes that can make you appear bigger and taller. Yup, I said it.
Wearing skimpy clothes only makes you appear smaller than you already are.
Palazzo pants like the one worn here by fashion blogger Stella Uzo who automatically make you look bigger than you are and taller too.

Multi colored pants look good too on petite women, it make one appear tall
Always make sure you wear short, crop, or small tops on these pants. Long tops on pants like these would make you look short and crazy.

Lastly make sure you pair the pants with a pair high heels. I nor fit shout o. You re not LAWMA, I'm sure keeping Lagos clean with your pants is not your portion. Hehe

Fashion blogger and stylist Violet Bannerman rocks in Ankara jacket

 Ankara has come to stay people. A lot of wine are beginning to get really creative with it, I particularly like this because it s jacket and it can be worn on any and everything. Kudos Violet. Kudos. More pix after the cut

Why you should wear fall boots with a skirt

I wrote about this earlier, fall boots are the best thing that can happen to your look. It makes your look pop.
And when you wear it with a skirt, wowza, dope look. I tried it the other day with some people on Instagram saying I'm copying Kim K, my dears, looking good wasn't made for one person. Nobody owns any particular style.

Ankle strap sandals and boots in vogue right now are life savers

This set of footwears are the best thing that can happen to your dressing these days. No matter how drab your clothes are, if you wear boots or ankle strap sandals you would look great. It makes one look really dressy. It's classy and makes you stand out. I love

Nene Leaks be killing me with her ripped jeans.

Learn how to wear ripped jeans guys. Whenever you re going crazy with the pants or skirts, make sure the top is as decent as possible, that way you don't look crazy. Nene did a good job with this look.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Be a gentleman and look nice. Two looks,one hawtie

Nothing turns me on more than a man who knows how to look good!! You don't have to be handsome, we all can't be gorgeous looking but mehn, the way you put em clothes together can make you way more appealing than the current mr world. Yup! Hey hawtie.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Yesterday's casual outfit by Miskayboutique, you like?

 Sometimes you just want to look casual and chick. Knowing you can wear ur outfit to anywhere without looking funny.
This look can be worn to events too, as long as it isn't a red carpet event.  More pix after the cut

Where did my curves go dear Lord? Lol. Yesterday's outfit was dope tho

 I used to have a bit of curves,yup, after all my body magic waist training,Biko I was the girl, now I can't find my curves anymore. Shey na because I lost weight or it just disappeared ni? Lol.

Btw my dress is by @miskayboutique and I love it. You nko,You like?

Monday, 5 October 2015

Fashion yay or Nay

She looks great to me but in sure some of you have somethings to say about this combo. Oya,talk comment let me see.

Insta fashion killer of the day @indimaokojie

 Nigerian actress Indima Okojie looks effortless in all the outfits here. She definitely knows how to rock every and anything. Beautiful lady. More photos after the cut.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Abeg guys, why is it ok for Kim Kardashian to dress like this and not ok for your own Laura to dress that same way?

 I get really shocked when I hear things like, oh Kim K can get away looking in certain ways and others can not. No be say I open boobs like Rihanna or wear rain boot for under sun. Fashion is evolving, we are beginning to try new things.

Some people on Instagram called me out for wearing a midi skirt and thigh high heals. Before now, it would have been a lil awkward, but now? Anything and everything can work if u put it well together.
If it's looks good, wear it. God not make certain clothes for only Kim K. Lol.
Who agrees with me?
If u don't, state the reason and Pls stop Putin spams and advert in the comment section. Ko sexy rara. More pix after the cut..

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Royalty looks good on you Asa. Love it

The music super star was crowned the queen of Ivory coast RTI TV for a few minutes. She looks good.

Friday, 2 October 2015

2015 Rick Owens' models wear other models on the runway... Craise pass craise

 I knew Fashion had turn some people mad people but I nor know say e don reach so o. Choi. This designer had models carry themselves on the runway. This one is his latest collection.  More crazy pix after the cut. Beautiful designs.💅

Lupita Nyongo stuns in grey outfit. Perfecto

 This woman right here is a beautiful woman. Wow! What better pair of shoes to match this grey outfit. Perfecto.
She wore it to the popular tv show called the view.  More pix after the cut

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Same shirt, kill it in 3 ways.

You know sometimes repeating clothes is actually a problem for some of us. I am obsessed with new clothes. I don't enjoy to repeat clothes, if I did, I don't feel turnt. Lol. But I'm learning that there are ways you can repeat clothes and look great. Thanks to Charmane Daudu here. She did a great job with this asos shirt.

A couple that slays together, stays together ft Fifi and Dilly Umenyiora

 I can't seem to get enough of these two, gosh. They look so perfect. Their style is too good. I particularly like Fifi's style game, she's always very classy, no unessasary show of skin,she obviously loves to wear more pants than dresses. Plays with colors and you will never catch her take a picture without a lovely smile. #mygoal

Nothing as beautiful as dressing up with you husband. Dear God, I can't wait. Lol. See more beautiful pictures of the couple after the cut

My girl Toyin Aimakhu celebrates Nigeria's Independence Day with a beautiful Ankara outfit

 She looks stunning.