Monday, 17 August 2015

Instagram fashion icon of the day @stephanie_johnson

Like it but not too sure about the neck piece. In all. Nice look.


  1. Omg....not feeling this though, nothing fascinating here, just there.

  2. A waste of 5seconds!

  3. Miss Laura Darling,I like you, i admire you,i respect you.. i visit your blog way more than i visit any other lately,reason been am crazy about womens fashion although am a Guy, My problem now is you falling below standard,what da fcuk in heavens name is special about this ladies outfit that is should feature on your blog?? the dress color? the style? neck piece? the pouch or dirty background?? common give your audience a reason to itch..this should not be here and please can you stop displaying your friends if what they putting on is what i see on the streets every now and then?? lets take your blog international...Am soo sorry if am harsh or rude,remember critics makes you stronger..#winks..Love you gurl

    1. U took d words right outta my mouth

      I come here to learn about fashion, pls dnt kill my morale

      Oya go check out my blog for short stories @

  4. Driver please don't pass my junction o. Am outtahie mbok