Monday, 31 August 2015

Honest Opinion needed by Laura Ikeji

Some of you have been complaining about how boring it can be up here , you guys want me to spice it up, you want me to critique some of the people I feature here sometimes, you want some ginger!!! Hehe. I understand guys, I perfectly do. I'm not a boring person neither do I want my blog to be dry but...

I am not a critic, I don't know how to tell people that what they are wearing isn't nice or fashion worthy, infact I dislike to make people feel bad.
I've been critisized so much in my life about everything , I know how it feels to be critisized, not a great feeling guys. Yes, it's interesting for some of you guys but it isn't for the people who re being talked or written about.

What is fashion, who is fashionable, what is the definition of a stylish person, style is different for all of us, what you like might not be what I like, what you see as appropriate might not be appropriate after all. It's just complicated .

I need fashion critics/writers who can do that , I can't , at least not now. I can't handle it.

Ok guys, story don finish.
Let me know what else you want to see on the blog, and I'll be glad to add it or stop it.
God bless you all

My bae @untouchable_je be fashion icon of the day. Go girl

Love the color combination, shoes are perfect for the outfit. The wine colored  top works so well.

My best MTV VMAS looks

 Chrissy Tiegen rocked this black dress so well, from the black sandals to the well packed hair,the legs tastefully revealing . Everything perfect.

Amber Rose and Blacchyna don't let haters get to you. Crazy outfits

When you listen to too much hate, you start to believe negative opinions. These lovely ladies have been shamed so much that they think the best way to go is to look this way to the VMAs. Nah. Not feeling this ria ria

Men in Black, oops sorry Pink! Yay or nay?

I liked Toyin Lawani in pink but for men in Pink Agbada? Not so sure. Dear men,would you rock these?

Toyin Lawani in baby pink outfit. Beautiful

 I will rock this anytime but with the glasses tho. She's a real Fashionista. Go Toyin

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Laura Ikeji x Kay by Ramore

 I love a simple jumpsuit. Very comfortable . More photos after the cut.

Style star ft @timayatimaya

Yemi Alade x Iconic Invanity

 I don't think I can get enough of Iconic invanity. Gosh, saying this look is classy is an understatement. It's a classic look!! So well put together. And Ms Alade looks great in it. favorite look of Yemi Alade on stage ever!!!! More pix after the cut

Style the chick ft Ini Edo

 I would take her shoes off and give her a pair of nude sandals. Perfect clutch, beautiful woman .
What would you guys take off from this look and replace?

today's hot look ft @barbiedoll

Gosh, this look makes me emotional. U like?  Color perfection.

Rukky Sanda shows boobs in black outfit

 I love this outfit gan. I might not wear it but it looks great on Rukky. Love

Friday, 28 August 2015

Style Laura. Today's outfit

 You like?

 U like guys

@kimkardashian vs @amberrose

Urmmm, my vote goes to Kim. Sexy can be classy sometimes. Or maybe I'm wrong, but the cleavage on Amber is a lil too provocative. Gives the wrong impression.

Street style ft @amberrose and @blacchyna

 Not my favorite look of these two beauties . Too much of everything. Hair, glasses,tattoos, sigh lol. Pls don't dress like this to a date with your boyfriend o. Him fit run leave you for dia. Lol. More pics after the cut.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Thigh high boots in Nigeria is a fashion flop even in December

A lot of young girls make this mistake. Nigeria is dang too hot for these shoes. No matter how short your dress or skirt is. Thigh high boots are not for the Nigerian weather, infact boots generally shouldn't be worn in our dear country. Who agrees?

Street style ft @beyonce @jlo

They both killed it

Teach me how to dress ft @lingywashere

Curvy women are sexier. See how classy  and attractive a curvy woman can look? No excuse my people. Wear whatever makes you feel good. Go girl

Hair store of the day @hairbybeesroot

 This hair is great. Soft, bouncy and doesn't tangle, nothing. Feels great, it makes me look younger and prettier. Got a lot of toasters this week because of the hair. Hehe. Check them out on Instagram @hairbybeesroot. More pictures after the cut

Ladies, would you rock this outfit? Ft @sholly_01

Nice but I wouldn't. It looks great on her.

How to rock an Agbada ft @nobleigwe for Aramanda

 Now that's style

Teach me how to dress ft @kevinhart4real

Kevin Hart is the real MVP

Men style! Steal a look

More photos after the cut.

How to dress to an informal meeting

 Often times when we want to dress to a meeting, we get easily confused about what to wear.
Outfits to parties aren't hard to find, they are everywhere but outfit to formal or informal business meetings are hard to find. More after the cut.

Nigerian actress Didi Ekanem releases hot bday pictures.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

When is too much actually too much? Ft @Anne_ats

 This lovely black gown is sooooooooo beautiful, but the red scarf or urmm I don't know what it's called didn't work for me. Though for a photo shoot it would have popped  the outfit like cray, colors are always good for shoots but for a regular outing, nah.
She's beautiful and rocks outfits so well but there's something about this red combo. U like? Or is too much actually too much in this case? Check after the cut to see the gown with the red scarf.

Beautiful couple, the Idibias look classy in new photos

The stylish couple for hello magazine.

Asa stuns in new photos for Elle magazine South Africa

Gosh I love Iconic Ivanity though. I love Lisa Folawiyo's designs too. 
Styled by Dimeji Alara and  photographed by Ty Bello

Fashion store of the day @charismahomeoffashion On ig

27b Toyin street Ikeja
Whatsapp  +2348033291933 bb pin 2be28ec6

She delivers nation wide. Her things are really nice and very affordable

Who rocked this look better.